Elastic Email Review: Price Challenge Accepted!

Elastic Email is a Canadian company established in 2010 that offers an all-in-one email delivery platform. They offer a buffet of robust HTTP API, SMTP Relay, and a User Interface that has a complete suite of features and tools for campaigns, templates, managing contacts, and reports with a speciality in a marketing email and delivering transactional emails.

With a tagline of “trusted by developers and loved by marketers,” they are trying to woo a very broad market. The website design is very plain and dull, which I personally thought needs a lot of improvements in various spheres.

elastic email website

The main highlight for me was that they claim (as per their profile on G2) to support so many languages at once (English, Persian, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian).

In this article, we will cover the following topics about Elastic Email so let’s dive straight in –

  1. Elastic Email Review
  2. Elastic Email Features
  3. Elastic Email Pricing
  4. Elastic Email Alternatives
  5. How to use Elastic Email with your WordPress site 
  6. Conclusion 

Elastic Email Review: User friendly?

Elastic Email has a neat user interface with colours that looks pleasant to eyes. The company has embedded all the key features required for email marketing. 

It is best suited for small businesses and medium-sized companies who want to send tons of mail at pocket-friendly prices.

Elastic Email Features

Some of the eye-catching features and areas where the company needs to work –

Elastic Email Pros

  1. Templates – Elastic Email offers a free template gallery. They got very diversified templates and I am sure that you will find something you like or need. Fantastic templates with more than 100 beautiful templates to select. Check out features here.
  1. Forms – Elastic Email offers ready to use forms for websites. A wide range of forms template is offered from which you can choose and experiment with. You will definitely find something which goes with your brand image.
  1. Editor – If you are looking for a flexible editor with rich functionality, Elastic Email is the place you are looking for. Through editor feature, you can edit your content creatively and include some amazing GIFs or images going with your content. 
  2. Analytics – Without great analytics, a business cannot survive. Elastic Email keeps the need of the businesses in mind and offers many useful functionalities like open rate, clicks, bounces, etc.
  3. Email API – Users can integrate email delivery into a website or application or use SMTP relay from their own self-hosted marketing tools. Users can use WebHooks to integrate
  4. Pocket Friendly – With a number of platforms providing the same services, price becomes a differentiating factor between various providers. Elastic Email offers prices which are one of the best in the market and are pocket friendly as well. The detailed pricing is discussed in the next section. Or you can just jump right in on the elastic email pricing here
  5. Security – With an increase in hacking and phishing emails, businesses thrive for a provider which ensures them that their data is fully secured and protected. With Elastic Email, you need not worry about your content as the business takes care of it. Elastic Email provides two-factor authentication which acts as a secured way of doing your transaction.

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Elastic Email Cons 

  1. Support Team – Due to small team size, responses can be delayed and not appropriate, but the company has realized it and working on it.
  2. Spam Issues – Some users have faced issues of mail coming in the spam folder.

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Elastic Email Pricing

Elastic Email provides very competitive pricing probably best in the section. Pay as you use- no minimums, no commitments. Pricing is done on the number of contacts added and you can send unlimited emails. The best plan which we liked was you can send unlimited emails to 500 contacts.

If you are a company that sends tons of mails and tight on budget, then you don’t need to look further.

Pricing for Email Marketing services

Email marketing plans are as follows-

  • Send Unlimited Emails to 10,000 contacts per month at $10.
  • Send Unlimited Emails to 20,000 contacts per month at $25
  • Send Unlimited Emails to 30,000 contacts per month at $40
  • Send Unlimited Emails to 50,000 contacts per month at $70
  • Send Unlimited Emails to 500,000 contacts per month at $550
  • Send Unlimited Emails to 750,000 contacts per month at $800
  • Send Unlimited Emails to 1,000,000 contacts per month at $1000
elastic mail pricing
elastic mail pricing

Pro services charges are slightly more.

Pricing for Email API services

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Elastic Email Alternatives

Check out the below table to see Elastic Email alternatives and their price comparison.

ServerPriceFree Emails
SendinBluePlans vary from FREE to $66 per month9,000 emails 1st month limited by 300 daily
PepipostPlans start from FREE to $311 per month30,000 emails for 1st month then 100 emails daily
GetResponsePlans starting from FREE to $99 per monthUnlimited Mails to 1000 contacts for 1st month
MoosendFREE emails to $312 per monthSend unlimited free emails to 1,000 subscribers
Google Gmail SMTP500 FREE emails daily to $25 per monthFREE 500 emails daily
MailgunFREE mails to $35Free 5,000 emails per month for 3 months
SendGridFree to $699.95/monthFREE 40,000 for the first month only after that 100 free mails daily


Elastic Email has been in business for almost a decade with a client base in different geographies.

The company provides white lists, marketing campaigns, blacklists, customer statistics analysis,  template design, and many benefits at low costs. Pricing is one of the things which makes it attractive and pays as much you use it.

The company has acknowledged its mistake and working on it. Need to work on the upcoming functionalities like automation, SMS services, etc.

If you require core email marketing functionalities at effective prices, then blindly go for Elastic Email.

General FAQ

What is Elastic Email?

Elastic Email is an all-in-one email delivery platform, established in 2010. They offer a buffet of robust HTTP API, SMTP Relay, and a User Interface that has a complete suite of features and tools for campaigns, templates, managing contacts, and reports with a speciality in a marketing email and delivering transactional.

Elastic Email Pricing?

Elastic Email provides pocket-friendly prices. It charges on the number of contacts. Users pay as much they use. Pricing can go from $10 for 10,000 contact to $1,000 for 1 million contacts. For $110 you to send unlimited emails to 10,000 contacts.

Is Elastic Email Free?

Elastic Email gives you a trial plan in which you can send 6000 free emails per month with a daily limit of 200. Also If you wish to pay $10 then you can send free unlimited emails to 10000 subscribers.