cannot send emails

9 Perfect Solution for the ”cannot send emails” Problem

On a regular day, when you open your browser, compose an email and when you hit on send button, sometimes an error message prompts on your screen showing ” cannot send emails ”. Even it can happen while sending emails to a specific address. It is not only limited to your PC browser but sometimes you are unable to send email from an android phone too.

Yes, it can happen with anybody at any time, but unfortunately, most of us don’t know the exact reason behind this, How to Fix this and What not to do in near future to avoid such.

This Cannot send emails Problem most likely occurred due to your SMTP server. The server is responsible for all kinds of email handling sending email from one end to delivering and receiving at the other end.

You can say SMTP servers are the Email Delivery System and that handles and manages the whole process. Hence, it is the main reason one should always rely on authentic, genuine, and professional servers.

After all, at a commercial level, a failed email delivery can lead to a heavy financial and communication barrier. Since most of the big enterprises’ communication is totally dependent on it.

Let us see what can cause the “cannot send emails” error and what are the possible solutions to fix it.

Possible Reasons and its solution for Cannot Send Emails:

We have got you covered with 9 different solution to remove this issue. Lets check them out.

1. Poor or interrupted internet connectivity

In most cases, poor internet connectivity or no internet can lead to generating such kind of problem. Sometimes Poor internet connectivity unable to make connections with servers and in meantime returns a  “cannot send emails” message. So it is recommended that you must check your internet connectivity and ensure it is working well.

2. Incorrect Email address

Yeah, you heard it right. Even you cannot send emails when you made even a slight mistake in the receiver’s email address. However, it is one of the most common human errors, that most users make.

cannot send emails due to mispelled email
Misspelled email address or domain name

Even though your email characters are correct and the address is not valid. you will receive a failed email notification stating ” cannot send emails” or email sending failed.

3. Email Blocked by Receiver’s Server end

Receiver's end blocked
Server Blocked by receiver end

Emails are work on SMTP servers. Hence, it is also possible that the mail sent from another server may be blocked by the receiver’s server end. This is because Most servers try to avoid suspicious emails by direct blocking them and. Most of the Suspicious and harmful email content consists of  Viruses, harmful content, or Links.

If you have any doubt about the server is trying to block you by sending emails. you should better ask the recipient to check if you had been blocked and make necessary changes to it.

4. Incorrect Passwords

Although it sounds so simple. But in the majority of the cases, people use wrong or incorrect login credentials. And they assume they used the correct password for sending emails. Always either cross-check your login Credentials or Reset your password for your convenience.

Note: Do not simply Copy or Paste passwords, Because some browsers like Mozilla add spaces to your copied and pasted passwords. Either you manually insert the password with the keyboard or 1st paste your password on a notepad and then copy from it.

5. Check Server Details

Always check your Server Credentials i.e username and password before login. Because most of the SMTP servers available use it for authentication and mailing process.

cannot send emails due to authentication error
Authentication failure

Most popular SMTP servers use mainly two Critical Settings. Authentic Method and Connection Security.

In the Authentic Method, your client uses the mode of authentication system that your email client trying to make contact with the server. Whereas, Connection Security means, the security established between the client and server.

6. Poor SMTP server Connection

Even though using the correct Credentials to the login SMTP server. It is also most likely you cannot send emails. Because due to some reason the server may be down or under maintenance. All you can just wait for a while or ask your provider.

cannot send emails due to server crash
SMTP Server Crashed/down

7. Check SMTP ports

Sometimes, ISP is also responsible for cannot send emails problem. Because in most cases, ISP blocks Port 25. which a default port for the SMTP servers to avoid increasing spam traffic. It is recommended that you should use the default port 587 of RFC.

cannot send emails port blocked
SMTP Port 587

8. Check your Firewall settings

Firewalls Blocking Email Servers

It is also seen that sometimes your system firewalls or Antivirus programs try to block SMTP servers to communicate. You must make sure you check settings and change them required.

9. Blacklisted server

Cannot send emails due to blaclisted

In most severe cases, it is also possible that the server is being blacklisted. It happens when you try to spam the recipient or you send suspicious emails to multiple servers at a time. Due to this, Companies listed the servers which are into spamming and mail malpractices.

Blacklisting is a process by which companies make a list of spammers, to acknowledge their security systems and email providers.

To avoid and fix this issue, you better ask your email service provider or Cybersecurity about the same, they will definitely help you out.


Hope the above-mentioned Solutions for “cannot send emails” will definitely help you out with your problem and it is also recommended if nothing works well, you better contact your email provider through a different email.